1. [MY FAVOURITE THING TODAY] Solange Knowles and Oroma Elewa backstage at the Alberta Ferretti show.

    Pic via Oroma’s blog.


  2. Another Oroma Elewa pic from New York Fashion Week. As fresh as you wanna be.

    Pic via.


  3. Pop’Africana’s Oroma Elewa - snapped in and around New York Fashion Week - is perfection.¬†

    Pic via.


  4. [MAG FAB] Pop’Africana’s 2nd issue

    The second edition of Pop’Africana has just hit shelves and it’s a hot something.

    For those who don’t know, Pop’Africana¬†is a bi-annual art and fashion mag founded by Oroma Elewa in 2008, which focuses on culture, fashion, lifestyle, amazing stuff magazine created by Africans. This edition includes features on fashion designer Duro Olowu and model Nina Keita.