1. These braids were cool while they lasted. Three weeks later they need to be gone!


  2. This colour. Drool. 


    Beauty By Lee

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  3. [HAIR] Let’s talk mistakes…

    Yes, that’s my hair, my scraggly eyebrows and what my eyes look like under layers of mascara. 

    It’s been 13 months since I chopped off my relaxed hair and went ‘natural’. Although my hair’s grown,  I’m not 100% happy. I could be doing better, but I’ve been making soooo many errors. Proving that ‘Mistakes’ isn’t just a banging AKA track.

    So, below, are the things I’ve been doing badly and the things I’ve been doing goodly (I know that’s not a word) and I hope someone in the big wide internets learns something out of this. 


    1. Still using shampoo. I know I shouldn’t be, and I’m trying, but it’s sooo haaard. I think I’m just going to bin each and every single bottle of shampoo that exists in my home.

    2. Not using a proper moisturising method. I’ve only been doing the LO part of the LOC method (that’s Liquid, Oil and Cream) and I’ve definitely been struggling with moisture retention. I’m definitely adding a cream to my hair routine this summer. 

    3. Not taking care of my ends. My ends are a hot mess. I have not been moisturising them as I should be and I’ve got split ends like crazy, which is why I’ve resorted to the next mistake: 

    4. Cutting too frequently. I’ve had 3 cuts in the last year because of the split ends, but what else am I supposed to do to rid myself of them? I need to do better!


    1. Wearing protective styles during winter. I’m wearing my third round of twists now. I’m going to take this out after 3 weeks, so that’s a total of 9 weeks of twisted hair. My hair’s grown so much during this time.  

    2. Using good oils. I might have a wack moisturising routine, but I’ve been using cool products: coconut and olive oil! 

    3. Phasing out mineral oil-based products. Anytime anyone brings anything with mineral oil near my hair, my scalp starts itching like crazy. I’ve done a good job of getting rid of crap products. Yay me!  

    4. Educating myself. I’m addicted to www.goodhairdiaries.blogspot.com; www.curlynikki.com and www.blackgirllonghair.com. Such great resources. Go to there!  


  4. [HURR] My winter protective style: mid back length twists. Very 90s. Enjoying it thus far. Let’s hope they stay put until late August.


  5. [HAIR TALES] I’m contemplating either starting a blog dedicated to natural hair or blogging about it right here. I think blogging about it might force me to take better care of my hair — I did my big chop in July and it should really have grown more by now. Argh, whatever. So, should I blog about it? Please lemme know your thoughts…


  6. [HAIR] Can we talk about *my* hair now? Ok, thanks!

    Mokgadi (left) and I on a yacht. Occupying the Atlantic.

    My hair’s growing! And I’m loooving my twist out curls. I’m just going to give you a quick break down on what I’m currently using to achieve this look, seeing as so many people are asking.

    1. I wash my hair about once a week, using Avon Herbal Care shampoo. I use a Kerastase mask as a conditioner and comb through my wet, conditioned hair in the shower.

    2. Rinse out the conditioner and add a normal no frills leave-in conditioner, a little coconut oil and a little raw shea butter. When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add aloe vera gel to the mix.

    3. I let my hair half dry, then section it into four sections to start the twisting process (here’s a link to a Youtube vid for those of you who aren’t familiar with twisting).

    4. To twist my hair, I half fill a spray bottle with water, 30 drops of sweet almond oil and a little castor oil. I spray my hair and twist as I go along.

    5. I go about my business or sleep or whatever. Usually, by the time I wake up, my hair’s dry. Then, hey presto, curls!

    6. In terms of my night time routine, I’m trying to be disciplined and re-twist (using the water and almond oil concoction) every night, but it doesn’t always work that way.

    Hope this is helpful for those of you who want to know what’s up! Oh, most of the oils etc I use I get at Clicks, FYI. Quite cheap!


  7. [HAIR] 5 truths about my nappturals…

    Me. This picture does my curls no justice. Sigh.

    1. There are days when I feel very unpretty, but that’s mostly because everything in our world says that nappy hair is undesirable. It’s a battle to re-define beauty all for myself, by myself.

    2. My hair is by no means wash-and-wear. Okay, sometimes it is, but mostly for my hair to be soft and look cute and curly, my routine requires a curl balm, some water, some shea butter and a little coconut oil.

    3. Mostly, I feel fierce and empowered - I own my choice and I love how (relatively) low maintenance my hair is. I love that I feel like I look like me

    4. I love that I stand out from a crowd of ghd-worshippers/ weave wearers (no shade on anyone who chooses that for themselves. Hell, even I’m playing with the idea of getting a weave to protect my hair).

    5. I’m becoming an expert on my own haircare (what works and doesn’t work for me). I’m surprised by how little info there’s out there about taking care of our natural hair. In a country like SA, where most of us have nappy hair (don’t argue, just accept), there’s a dire lack of education, information, good products (sit down, d&l) and knowledgeable stylists. It’s super sad that I can’t just walk into a salon and find someone who knows what they’re doing.


  8. [NATURAL HAIR CHRONICLES] I did my big chop on Friday. My hair’s now super short and there are still a few relaxed bits here and there, which I’ll take care of this weekend. But this is me in my curled and coiled glory.

    It was still blow-dried and flat-ironed over the weekend, but last night I:

    • Scrubbed my scalp with a mixture of brown sugar, conditioner and tea tree oil
    • Washed it with a ton of conditioner (co-washed)
    • Used Dr Miracle’s Deep Conditioning Treatment, which I left in for about 45 minutes
    • Rinsed with 1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to 4 cups of cool water
    • Rubbed in a ton of leave-in conditioner, some olive oil, coconut oil and melted shea butter 
    • Twisted it and covered with a silk scarf and slept

    Something tells me this bid for natural is going to be quite an education and my curls need some serious babying to get back to their former glory, so here are some of my natural hair resolutions:

    • I won’t bring shampoo near my hair for at least the next three months
    • I’ll twist and wrap as often as possible
    • I’ll co-wash twice a week
    • Natural oils for the win 

  9. Why did I ever straighten my hair? Me, when I was much younger and my hair was in its pretty natural glory.


  10. [HAIR] Yesterday I washed my hair with…

    Bicarbonate of soda.

    I’d often heard that it’s a great clarifier, but have never tried it. Until yesterday.

    And I can totally vouch for it.

    My hair felt so light and so soft and so shiny after using it.

    My method? I bought a 14g sachet from my local spaza. Shampooed my hair as usual. Then worked about a tablespoon of bicarb into my wet hair from root to ends. I rinsed that out. Then mixed a tablespoon of shampoo and a tablespoon of bicarb and lathered my hair with that. Then rinsed that thoroughly.

    I would post a pic of how great my hair looks, but I almost immediately weighed it down with a mixture of tea tree, olive and coconut oils.That’s just how I roll.